The fictions that persist are the thoughts, ideas and dreams that metamorphose into fully-fledged realities. They may be born from the spontaneity of ambition or gestate over months and years until they reach maturity and materialize.  They are thoughtfully weeded out, streamlined and refined until the success of their conception can be guaranteed.  What exists, then, are the realities of fictitious ponderings of the mind, sculpted from materials that inspire and beckon to be wrought with detail.

        The natural world and my creations are woven together at their core.  The materials I use are not only valued for their apparent characteristics - such as the color or density of the grain of a wood or its longevity in a specific application - but also for reasons that may be less apparent.  For example, the wood of a tree represents so much more than its applicable qualities in the context of the construction of a piece; it represents the structure of the organism it once existed as and the interactions between the tree itself and the myriad of organisms that once depended on it for survival - the creatures that once sought out its foliage for cover or called the tangle of its roots their home.  Where possible, I try to include natural knots and other characteristics often deemed as 'defects' as I believe that this enables the life of the tree to remain as a representation of the interactions it once shared through the character of the finished piece.  

        Similar to my creations, it is my aim to show appreciation for these organisms and their interactions by documenting their existence.  My landscapes often portray scenes that may seem familiar, but most of them represent hours of exploration along seasonal streams within national and wilderness designated forests where there is often little more than the stream itself guiding a pathway into the forest.  While my landscapes often portray these infrequently explored scenes, my focus is towards macro photography and showcasing the organisms found within those habitats - the small vertebrates, intricately detailed invertebrates, showy fungi and relatives, and curious flowering plants.




I use photography as a way to familiarize myself with nature and my surroundings, to step closer into the details and to peer into the lives of the creatures and scenes that exist beyond our realm.  Nature is my home, where I feel a sense of belonging.  It is my passion and the source of my creative inspirations.  It is where my fictions begin to solidify into realities.  


The fictions that perpetuate within one's mind - as dreams that grow from the spontaneity of the imagination - exist as realities within the materials that surround them and the inspirations they seek out.  The process of taking raw materials and combining them into objects that can provide one with a practical utility while lasting for generations brings me a great sense of accomplishment and joy.


When the inspirations of nature and the creative notions of the mind converge, the resulting confluence is an emulation of ecological interactions, as envisioned through the mind of the curator and displayed thoughtfully in a handcrafted enclosure.

© S.T. Johnson 2018